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Forum “Bulgarian Export – outlook and tendencies”

Forum “Bulgarian Export  – outlook and tendencies”

The event was held for the first time this autumn and its format included ‘Conference & Exhibition’. It focused on the internalization of the Bulgarian enterprises, which in today's economic reality is an essential motive for improving the competitiveness of companies and expanding their market positions.

The Conference Program provided useful information to the export-oriented companies from Bulgaria on countries and export sectors, perspective for their production; common commercial policy of the European Union and intercommunity trade between member countries; effective export strategies; export financing; factoring – alternative of export financing; export credit insurance, etc.


Milena Videnova, Country Manager of Coface Bulgaria, presented on the topic "Export and credit risk management " .


According to the Ministry of Economy in June 2015, exports increased by 9% and imports by 6% on yearly basis. This is particularly due to the growth in exports towards the major trading partners of the Bulgarian business - OECD, Germany, Italy, Italy, Turkey, Romania and others.
The significant improvement in the Eurozone last year and the first half of 2015 also exert a positive influence in this direction. At the same time the environment is difficult and challenging with a threefold increase in inter-company indebtedness in the country and the high cost of financing. Meanwhile there are new opportunities in front of the export companies - bankruptcy and intercompany indebtedness in Central and Western Europe is being reduced, and the Eurozone is recovering.

"For any company, especially for exporters, is important to assess the risks and to be careful at the conclusion of new commercial export contracts, starting work with new partners from abroad and entering new markets. Coface is an international credit risk insurer since 1946, which operates on the Bulgarian market for 21 years. Our long experience and expertise allow us to prepare various businesses analysis , sectors and regions", said Milena Videnova.

As an international insurer and business information and debt collection provider, Coface presented useful case studies and tips on proper management of commercial credit risk of companies, as well as information about the solutions offered for small and big business . Coface present its newest and flexible insurance solutions.


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