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Excellent SME certificate

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 Four benefits of owning an Excellent SME certificate

  • Clearly exposed credit rating score
  • Higher credibility in the eyes of customers and business partners
  • Technical protection against seal copying to a non-authorised website
  • Proactive phishing and copycat protection
Website seal »Excellent SME Bulgaria« is a business performance certificate. The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce is issuing the certificate with the renowned credit assessment agency Coface Bulgaria to the most successful small and medium companies in Bulgaria.

The main purpose of the certificate, coinciding with EU directives is to promote successful small and medium companies, secure and safe business, good business practices and to increase market transparency. Additionally it will help customers and business partners to decrease financial and other risks when concluding business agreements.


The certificate enables local and international business partners to verify company’s existence, proper web address, and most importantly creditworthiness. The basis for the certification is a credit report and daily monitoring from COFACE Slovenia. Concurrently the SafeSigned™ website technology prevents the «Excellent SME Bulgaria« quality seal to be copied and used on any other website. By installing and using the certificate potential and existing partners can differentiate between successful and less successful companies in the cyber world.

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Excellent SME

Excellent SME certificate is issued if and when the company meets the following criteria:


 - annual turnover of at least 50 000 BGN

 - classification as SMEs according to the SMEs Law

 - credit assessment  – minimum 6


Credit rating score results from company's business financial analysis, which takes into account also the payment morale evaluation and future business risk with an insolvency probability estimate for the period of the next 12 months. The certificate validity is 1 year and depends also on the constant financial data monitoring, provided by Coface. The certificate is revoked if credit rating score falls below 6. Constant monitoring provides the credibility in domestic and foreign business environment.


Web certificates Excellent SME are based on a SafeSigned technology. It prevents the signs of quality (in this case website seals and certificates) from being copied to another, non-authorised website.


It offers proactive protection against phishing and copycat attacks. If such event should occur, the certificate owner is immediately notified about it. Protected websites are also constantly monitored for possible website down events and the certificate owner is again notified, if they occur. Visitor can check the website's identity with one click on the seal.

1. download the application form for certification
2. fill it and sign it
3. scan it
4. send it via email to office-bulgaria@coface.com



For more information and an application for assessment please call +359(2) 821 37 35

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