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Research your potential business partners and current clients with just one click of the mouse

COFACE SELECT is available with a subscription plan for a period of 12 months


Chosing COFACE SELECT, you get a 24/7 access to our online data base and a posibility to dowload credit reports for companies registered in 26 countries in Europe.

Coface, a worldwide leader in Trade credti insurance and business information, presents Coface Select - an innovative online product that allows companies to research their prospective business partners and current clients by one click with the mouse.

Credit reports COFACE SELECT contain the following information for the researched company:

  • legal status
  • financial condition (by 4 selected parameters, with all the amounts in EUR)
  • business activity (short description and activity NACE code)
  • innovative fast credit assessment, that uses the traffic light system, which allows you to take a fast decision:



  - green light: the reasearched company have low credit risk

  - yellow light: suggests caution, as the company is a medium risk

  - red light: the risk of the researched company is very high



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  • English