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Coface CEE TOP 500 Companies - 2021 Edition

CEE Top 500 Ranking - golden stars

The 13th edition of CEE Top 500 study provides an insight into the future and summarizes the region’s economic activity for the previous year. Moreover, it describes the condition of the 500 largest companies in CEE by their turnover. This edition describes the struggles of the new Covid-19 pandemic environment as well as how companies adjusted to this new situation. In 2020, CEE companies adjusted well to the new pandemic environment even though the Top 500 companies’ turnover dropped in 2020 by 3.3%. Although many of them wouldn’t survive further lockdowns and restrictive measures without government subsidies, for others the Covid-19 pandemic was a period of profits and prosperity. 


In the 13th annual Coface CEE Top 500 ranking you will find out: 

  • How have CEE countries adapted to the new pandemic environment?
  • Do the same sectors as the year before still occupy the podium?
  • Why are Polish businesses the largest income earners in CEE?
  • What is the name of the company that moved up 345 positions in the ranking?
  • Which factors contributed to the CEE region’s growth?
  • Which are the sectors which generate 54% of the total revenue?
  • What company tops this year’s ranking? And what companies fell out of the top 500?


Content of the publication

  • CEE Top 500 Analysis (Executive summary, Country analysis, Sector analysis, Employment in CEE)
  • The Ranking - the largest 500 companies ranked by turnover including additional key figures
  • Economic Outlook and Top 10 companies of each country (incl. Russia and Ukraine)


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