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Successful cases in Bulgarian Business - Managers share good practices

milena videnova - country manager of coface in bulgaria, leader in trade credit management

My rules are clear  - Build the success and share it; Do what you have to, no matter what; Take always informed decisions; Be innovative ; Industrialize your achievments.

From mid-2012 onwards, we were able to capture the correct signal from the market and offer a workable solution. We saw more conservatively operating banks on the one hand and on the other - more companies in need of working capital financing. So we put in the showroom window the possibility of ceding the policy of Coface in favor of the Bank for which the customer receives funding. One very interesting decision played an important role. Instead of explaining the companies benefits to the companies and the banks benefits to the banks we started explaining all the benefits to both parties. This created an atmosphere of complete transparency, trust and confidence that the proposal is viable for three parties - something very rare in business. I think that captureing the signals from the environment and talking about the multilateral benefits and not only the traditional "customer benefits", is a technique which will be much more profitable - especially in services.


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Plamen Dimitrov

Plamen Dimitrov
Country Manager
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