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Milena Videnova about the perspectives to the world trade

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How automation and digitization challenge the 'low cost', cheap labour paradigm? What are the potential implications of the global trade disturbances for small, open, export-oriented economies such as Bulgaria? Answers to these key questions that are expected to shape the global economy were sought by the participants in the 15th edition of the conference series “Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”. The event organized by the Economic Policy Institute (EEP) was held on the 20th of March 2019 and this year’s topic was – “Global Macro-Trends: Impacts on CESEE Competitiveness”.


Милена Виденова





The Country Manager of Coface Bulgaria – Milena Videnova participated in the second panel of the conference – “The New Global Trade (Dis)order” with a presentation on the topic: “The perspectives to the world trade: freedom or protectionism?”. Milena Videnova pointed out that in the last ten years there is a tendency towards a constant increase in the number of protectionist measures implemented, and their number is significantly higher the ones aimed at liberalizing trade. She noted that although as a whole those measures have a negative impact on companies, it should be taken into account that some of them manage to reap up benefits from this situation. This is evident even for the most heavily impacted sectors such as steel,  metal and iron. The European companies are a good example for that, as they see their revenue growing. This is mainly due to the measures aimed at limiting imports from China. With regards to the tendencies observed in the global economy, Milena Videnova stated: “Our credo is “For Trade””. I personally belive that trade will make the world better!”



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