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Companies from Varna and the region was part of the project „Business stability and growth" of Coface and VCCI

Companies from Varna and the region was part of the project „Business stability and growth" of Coface and VCCI
On the closing round table of the "Business sustainability and growth" project Milena Videnova, Managing Director of Coface Bulgaria and Ivan Tabakov - Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Varna were presented solutions to protect against risks of non-payment to enhance the company's stability. The meeting organized between the two organizations and the representatives of the regional business was held on 13 November 2014 in Varna and his main topic was 'Trade credit insurance and protection against risk of non-payment“.

Ivan Tabakov presented the solutions and services offered by the chamber. A short movie of the history, development, aims and activities of the chamber was shown. The Chairman put the accent on the advantages of the membership in BCCI.


Milena Videnova from Coface presented the Bulgarian business status and environment and hinted the existing risks. She focused on the direct link between non-patment and decreasing competitiveness. To keep the competitiveness SMEs can continue working with deferred payments using the solutions for researching the buyers and insuring the non-payment and default risks. This is a complex solution that can ensure stability. „The adequate and effective management of credit risk should be based on expert opinion. Coface is here with huge information resources, flexible solutions and experienced professionals. With this partner receivables management leads to stability and this favors the competitiveness increase“, noted Milena Videnova.




Тhis was the closing round table in the framework of the "Project for business development and growth" of Coface Bulgaria and Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry (BCCI). The initiative has the aim to give useful know-how for stability and prevention against risks  and financing the company activity, especially of SMEs. Practical solutions for cash flows management and achievement of higher competitiveness in the domestic and export markets will be discussed during the round tables. From September 2014 7 Roudn Tables were held in total in the following cities in Bulgaria - Plovdiv, Burgas, Yambol, Stara Zagora, Pleven adn Ruse.




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