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8th Coface Country Risk Conference - 2020

Economy cooling and global warming – risk is the new normal?

8th Coface Country Risk Conference - 2020

the CRC will be held in the autumn


Important: We would like to inform you that with regards to the situation with the coronavirus in our country and the recommendation of the institutions we have decided to postpone the Coface Country Risk Conference, which was scheduled for the 9th of April. We will announce a new date in the autumn.


We announce the traditional Coface Country Risk conference. The theme this year is "Economy cooling and global warming –risk is the new normal?".


Is it true that the most expected economic crisis is coming? What will be the impact on the business? What are the risks related to the climate change? What are the prospects for the digitalization and cybersecurity in the modern world? What does all this mean for the entrepreneurs?


These and many more questions will be answered at the upcoming 8th Coface Country Risk Conference. The topic is “Economy cooling and global warming – risk is the new normal”. Reputable analysts and leaders in big businesses will present their know - how so that companies get as much information about the environment as possible – and how to be more efficient in trading, exporting and planning their financial flows.


The program for 2020 will include several plenary presentations and two panel discussions on important and useful topics related to economy cooling, the effects of climate change and business development strategies. Chief economist of Coface Grzegorz Sielewicz will provide an overview and analysis of country risk and Plamen Dimitrov, Country manager for Coface Bulgaria will provide hot data for the risks by sector and prospective markets respectively.


Preliminary program


We are witnessing a slowdown in the economy and business risks appear to be growing. How can be prepared and what can we all do to maintain stability and even generate growth? How do global political decisions affect the global economy and also the situation here in Bulgaria? What are causes of climate change and how do they affect business? What strategies can we implement - is cybersecurity the answer? The Coface Country Risk Conference 2020 will answer all these hot questions and will give you information how to keep up with the big changes in the world.


12:30 – 13:00 Registration and networking


13:00 – 13:15 Official opening

Xavier Durand – CEO, Coface SA (invitation)

Florence Robine – Ambassador of France

Plamen Dimitrov – Country Manager Coface Bulgaria



13:15 – 13:45 Policies and Current Perspectives on the Bulgarian Economy

Representative of the Government



13:45 – 14:15 Coface: Country Risk Panorama 2020

Grzegorz Sielewicz, Chief economist of Coface for Central and Eastern Europe



14:15 – 14:45 Coface: Sector Risk Panorama 2020

Plamen Dimitrov - Country Manager Coface Bulgaria



14:45 – 15:15 Coffee break



15:15 – 15:45 Expected political and economic risks for 2020

Evelina Slavkova – Co-founder, Research Centre “Trend”


15:45 – 16:15 Discussion panel 1.The crisis that was expected – are we absolutely ready?

Vasil Karaivanov – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sofia Tech Park

Martin Ganev – Founder, “Poliana” bio farm

Arnaud Leclair – Board member and CEO, DSK Bank

Georgi Angelov – Senior Economist, Open Society Institute (invitation)


16:15 – 16:35 How to handle difficult situations

Doichin Boyanov – Climber



16:35 – 16:45 Coffee break



16:45 – 17:20 Debate:Climate change and the effects on the Bulgarian and world economy

Boyan Rashev – Managing Partner, denkstatt

Evgeni Kanev - Managing Partner, Maconis LLC



17:20 – 17:50 Discussion panel 2:Cyber security strategies – one of the possible answers.

Petar Ivanov – Executive Director, AmCham Bulgaria

Petar Tornev – Deputy Director, Accenture Bulgaria

Boris Goncharov – Information security professional

Ognyan Trayanov – Founder, TechnoLogica (invitation)



17:50 – 18:00 Closing words


18:00 – 19:30 Cocktail and networking



The participation in the conference is free of charge for clients and partners of Coface and if so, please check it in the registration form. The number of free tickets is limited!


Conference fees:

-      300 BGN (153 euro) – early bird registration (till 15.03.2020)

-      350 BGN (179 euro) – standard registration (till 07.04.2020)


Each subsequent participant form the same company will have 30% discount, and the fee for them shall be respectively 210 BGN (107 euro) for early bird registration and 245 BGN (125 euro) for standard registration.


For more information:


Tel.: +359 (2) 821 37 35

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